Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Journeys for the Soul.

Meditation is a tool to relax the body and mind.
It can help you with stress-released and promote
physical,mental or emotional healing.

Meditation can also help you to explore your
personal destiny path and discover insights
into your life's journey.Through meditation
you can expand your creative abilities and awaken deeper levels
of personal powers.

Learn meditation privately or in a group.It can
be awonderful and fun experience.

The Buddha uttered.

"Rush hurry,it is urgent! Meditation on every inhalation and
exhalalation.Determine to practice right at this moment.If we
do not the demons of the thought and defilement will lead us
away into old age and death.Even on your day of death you still would
not have time!"

The Buddha encouraged us to meditate.He directed us not to
reach out towards the past or future.The past and future lend
to captivate us.We do not get anywher at all.But if we ground the mind
in the present we can testify to the inner knowing that lies virtue
abd accumulated purity.We meditate in order to condense the energies of the mind into this inner knowing.We put down thoughts and sense-conciouseness,the defiled
mind that goes out in search of distractions.We are obliged to contest the out-flowing stream of the mind.We give up thinking of friends and families,money,work and all relationships
that lies outside of the present moment.It is all a flight of fancy.That which is helpful,what which lead us to Buddha-Wisdom is that which the Buddha called"tattha" or"in that place"-or"just there" refers to the knowng that lies within our mind.

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